Factory Introduction

Gohar Chap Kavir Yazd Co. is considered as one of the newest and most modern Textile Factory which established in Iran Textile Center and Yazd Special Economic Zone. The main purpose is using the highest level of experts and techniques to provide a new, different and superior image of fashion, variety, innovation and quality in the field of luxury fabric production in Iran to supply to domestic and foreign markets. The production technology is provided by the most modern and best equipped machines from the most famous European manufacturers. Our experienced experts always are ready to give you the best services.

Printing Department

Printing the variety of both knitted and woven fabrics like as Ladies and Childs wear , Scarf and etc. with best quality is the service that we are currently providing to our customers with about 30000 meters per day capacity. This department is equipped with the newest European technology , consisting of Rotary Screen Printing Machine and UV laser Engraving Machine. These equipments and the personnel with high proficiency and experience enable us to provide the elegant and sophisticated designs to the customers.

Dyeing Department

This department is providing both knitted and woven fabric Dyeing services consist of Reactive , Disperse and Disperse/Reactive Dyeing with a capacity of 6000 Kgs per day in 150 , 250 and 450 Kgs batchs. Because of its design and the technology used in our machines, Dyeing of delicate and sensitive fabrics do with very good quality. Our customers satisfaction confirms our quality.

Finishing Department

Using a set of the most complete and best technology from the best European manufacturers provide the exceptional features to finish both knitted and woven delicate fabrics. This department is equipped with the machines like as : CALAENDERING MACHINE SHRINKING MACHINE TUMBLING MACHINE BRUSHING MACHINE SHEARING MACHINE and etc. to provide the best quality of finishing for delicate and sensitive fabrics.







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